Italy for Independent Travellers

Independent Travel

Many people who choose to visit Italy with us have already experienced an organised bus or cruise tour in a big group and wish to live the emotion of a more personalised, less structured, itinerary.

Our potential clients want to travel more independently, but without having to worry about organising the various stages of booking hotels, private transport or trains, and guided tours in the cities of art, or planning wine and food tours. While travelling, these people are looking for total freedom to manage their own time, a private and exclusive relationship with their guides, overnight stays in charming little characteristic hotels in the city centres, in vintage palaces, castles, B&Bs unique in their style and elegance of detail.

People who decide to travel in Italy "alone" live as fun and adventure the very things that often frighten and discourage those who travel in big groups: the different food, a foreign language which at times limits communication, a different conception of space (for instance, bathrooms in Italy are often small in comparison with standards abroad), distance (many country roads are narrow and winding so it may take a long time to drive just a few kilometres) and time (shops close for several hours during and after lunch, for example).

Those who travel with us are ready to wonder at an Italy they had not anticipated, an Italy that in many ways differs from the stereotypes common abroad. You will be amused and surprised to discover that many of the habits and customs you were expecting do not correspond to the "real" Italy, and this will be the great added value of your trip with us. Every day will awaken your curiosity anew with the right spirit to deal with and digest even the things in Italy that do not always work so well (trains at times delayed, inexistent public toilets) and the pleasure of embracing an authentic Italy, not only tourist Italy but also the Italy of ancient little "borghi", of countryside that buses cannot reach and where few people speak English.

All this makes Italy unique. Don't be surprised if you miss our cappuccino when you get back home, if you discover that your food does not taste the same without Italian extra virgin olive oil, if you feel nostalgic for the pealing of a thousand is nothing strange! You have only fallen in love with Italy!!!